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With our patch, you can treat the symptoms of insect bites without medication.*

*Die Wirkung ist wissenschaftlich nicht bewiesen und beruht auf Erfahrungswerten.


Ab einem Bestellwert von 30 Euro erhältst du ein Moskinto Shirt gratis* dazu.

*Füge das Shirt in der gewünschten Größe deiner Bestellung hinzu und der Preis wird automatisch an der Kasse abgezogen.


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Fragen zur Anwendung
  • Our patches are free of drugs and active ingredients, making them ideal for children.
  • Whether camping, barbecuing, hiking or on vacation: with the small and handy Moskinto packaging, the plasters fit into any pocket.
  • Children are able to treat their insect bites independently with Moskinto. Sleepless nights or bloody scratched up wounds are the order of the day in the summer months or during the vacation season.
  • Infants, young children or, of course, adults can use Moskinto. In addition, the patch can be used during pregnancy. A perfect solution for the whole family!

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Moskinto Mosquito Patch - The solution for itchy bites!

Free of drugs and active ingredients, a purely mechanical action stops the itching and the swelling subsides. This effect is achieved by our special manufacturing process of the plasters.* Children are with MOSKINTO able to treat your insect bites independently. The plasters are offered in a practical box for on the go.

*Die Wirkung ist wissenschaftlich nicht bewiesen und beruht auf Erfahrungswerten.

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